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The Fear Within

The Fear Within

A Thriller

J. S. Law

Henry Holt and Co.


A teenage sailor disappears on HMS Defiance, an infamous closed case reopens, and Lt. Danielle Lewis fights for truth and survival in this high-octane military thriller

After events on board the submarine HMS Tenacity, Lieutenant "Dan" Lewis of the Royal Navy's Kill Team was warned not to pursue those responsible. She should walk away, stop investigating, but her thirst for justice means she can't let it go.

But even as Dan defies the order, continuing to track a sailor on the run, her investigative skills are needed on a new case. A young naval Wren has gone missing from the warship HMS Defiance. Last seen going on board, but never seen leaving. There is no trace of the girl and Dan must work her way through a web of witness accounts to uncover what might motivate her to run, or what might motivate a predator to take her.

Following in the wake of the missing girl, Dan soon closes in on her quarry, but is forced to question whether she is the one who was being hunted all along.


Sunday, January 25

“Boss, just wait.”

Dan felt her shoulders tense at the name.

There was only one person in the Royal Navy, and possibly the whole world, who called her that and got away with it.


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J. S. Law

J. S. Law served in the Royal Navy Submarine Service, rising through the ranks to become a senior nuclear engineer. Tenacity is his first novel. He lives in Portsmouth, England.

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