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The Tindalos Asset

The Tindalos Asset

Caitlin R. Kiernan


“Her stories saturate the mind with color... There is simply nothing out there quite like her.”—The New York Times on Caitlín R. Kiernan

The eagerly-anticipated third volume in the critically-acclaimed Tinfoil Dossier trilogy—which began with Agents of Dreamland and continued with Black Helicopters—by the World Fantasy Award-winning Caitlín R Kiernan.

Praise for The Tindalos Asset

Praise for Black Helicopters

“Kiernan’s writing — starkly visual, tongue in cheek and disturbingly visceral — carries the day.” —The New York Times

“Kiernan's subtly haunting voice draws the reader in.” —Publishers Weekly

“Caitlín R Kiernan is one of those writers that you can’t believe isn’t a household name. Her writing is fantastic and her stories are dark, complex and wonderful.” — Book Riot

“Caitlín Kiernan is one of the great stylists of horror fiction, and this novella is a triumph. It bristles with energy and ideas — ideas that seem to spill off the page — and everything is underpinned by a sense of cosmic bleakness that took my breath away. I fell in love with the characters. The story pulled me along by the nose. I honestly didn't want it to end.” —Gary McMahon, author of the Concrete Grove trilogy


Caitlin R. Kiernan

CAITLÍN R KIERNAN is the author of science fiction and dark fantasy works, including ten novels; many comic books; and more than two hundred published short stories, novellas, and vignettes. She is also the author of scientific papers in the field of paleontology. She has won numerous awards, including two World Fantasy Awards, two Bram Stoker Awards, and a James Tiptree Jr. Award.

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