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My Life as a Meme

My Life as a Meme

The My Life series (Volume 8)

Janet Tashjian; illustrations by Jake Tashjian

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)


Book 8 of the much-loved My Life series

Derek Fallon loves making funny memes, but when he finds himself the joke of a viral meme, he realizes how easy it is to offend others using this platform. Derek decides to confront the creator of the hurtful meme, all during the backdrop of a fire evacuation that has put him in the same place as his meme bully. Here is another thoughtful, funny, and timely adventure in the life of the ever-loving, ever-mischievous Derek Fallon.
Christy Ottaviano Books


Matt and I are skateboarding home from school, when I hit a rock and go flying onto the sidewalk. My knee gets scraped but something more valuable than a body part ends up shattered—the screen on my phone.


Janet Tashjian; illustrations by Jake Tashjian

Janet Tashjian is the author of the popular My Life series including My Life as a Book, My Life as a Stuntboy, My Life as a Cartoonist, My Life as a Joke and My Life as a Gamer, as well as the Einstein the Class Hamster series, illustrated by her son, Jake Tashjian. Jake and Janet live in Studio City, California.

image of Janet Tashjiano
Janet Tashjian
image of Jake Tashjiano
Jake Tashjian

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

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