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I Love You, but I Hate Your Politics

How to Protect Your Intimate Relationships in a Poisonous Partisan World

Author: Jeanne Safer

I Love You, but I Hate Your Politics

I Love You, but I Hate Your Politics

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A comprehensive guide to mending relationships that have been strained by political differences.
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Do you thrust unsolicited partisan articles upon your spouse? Are you convinced that you can change your coworker’s mind, if you could only argue forcefully enough? Have you gone from befriending to “defriending” the people once closest to you? Don’t give up hope; Dr. Jeanne Safer is here to help.

Since the election of Donald J. Trump, political disagreements have been ravaging our personal relationships like never before. This already widespread phenomenon will continue to grow unless we learn to fight it.

From friends to relatives to lovers, no relationship is immune to this crisis. I Love You, but I Hate Your Politics draws from interviews with every type of politically mixed couple, as well as Dr. Safer’s own experiences as a die-hard liberal happily married to a stalwart conservative. The result is a practical guide to maintaining respect and intimacy in our increasingly divided world.

I Love You, but I Hate Your Politics
is sure to educate and entertain anyone who has felt the strain of ideological differences in their personal life. No matter which side of the fence you're on, Dr. Safer offers frank, practical advice for salvaging and strengthening your bonds with your loved ones. This book is required reading for any politically minded friend, relative, or significant other in the Trump era.

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"Supersonic advice for creating love across the aisle!" —E. Jean Carroll, Elle advice columnist and author of What Do We Need Men For?

"Jeanne Safer and I have hated each other's politics for over forty years, but we still love each other, so she must know what she is talking about." —Richard Brookhiser, senior fellow, National Review Institute

"This insightful, well-reasoned book will help readers negotiate the political differences in their relationships with the people they love most." —Publishers Weekly Review

"Safer offers rules of engagement for mixed-viewpoint commingling that prioritize respect and care. What makes Safer, a vocal liberal, so qualified? Her decades-long career exploring the mind, and an equally lengthy marriage to a staunchly conservative commentator." —Courtney Eathorne, Booklist Review

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I Love You, but I Hate Your Politics

I Love You, but I Hate Your Politics

I Love You, but I Hate Your Politics
I Love You, but I Hate Your Politics