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My Little Lykke Journal

My Little Lykke Journal

How to Be Happy by Finding the Good in the World

Eva Olsen

Castle Point Books


Learn from the happiest people on Earth!

Year after year, people who live in Denmark, Norway, and Finland are rated the happiest in the world. Now, you can discover their secrets to living with lykke (pronounced LOUK-keh, the Danish word for happiness) no matter where you live! My Little Lykke Journal guides you through:

• Six top factors that world happiness experts say make the difference—and how to nurture them in your life
• Simple but meaningful ways to focus on the beauty all around us as an antidote to the swirl of negativity
• More than 120 pages of thoughtful questions, creative exercises, and little inspirations to help you live with lykke

You don’t need to move to Scandinavia to find lykke. The keys to making your life and your world support greater happiness are in your hands!

Reviews from Goodreads

Eva Olsen

Eva Olsen, author of My Little Lykke Journal, lives the good life in Fort Collins, Colorado—No. 4 on National Geographic’s Happiest Places 2017 list. Her husband, twin sons, hiking with friends, and the art of hand lettering bring her much happiness.

Eva Olsen