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The Trouble with Penguins

The Trouble with Penguins

Rebecca Jordan-Glum

Roaring Brook Press


For fans of Oliver Jeffers, Jon Klassen, and Jory John comes Rebecca Jordan-Glum's The Trouble with Penguins, a clever, irreverent debut picture book about an unlikely friendship between a penguin and a human that emphasizes the importance of sharing, patience, and, above all, friendship.

On the day the penguin discovered the person, everything changed.

The person was happy to see the penguin, and showed it how to roast marshmallows by the fire. When it was time for the penguin to go, she gave it her favorite roasting stick and a warm hug goodbye.

Once the penguin showed its penguin friends how to roast marshmallows, they all wanted a turn. It was wonderful…until it wasn’t.

You see, the trouble with penguins is that they don't always know how to say they're sorry. But, with a little help and teamwork, they discover sharing is always the best tactic.

Praise for The Trouble with Penguins

"The knowing, parental voice keeps the story warm at the core, while the fanciful polar landscape is brought to life in bold brushstrokes, fluffy textures, and splashes of aurora-like color." Publishers Weekly -

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Rebecca Jordan-Glum

Rebecca Jordan-Glum is a Los Angeles based author-illustrator, artist, and designer. Her debut picture book, The Trouble with Penguins, is a hard-fought dream many years in the making and just one of many completely unrealistic goals she is working towards.

Roaring Brook Press

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