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The Simple and Practical Way to Begin Meditating (A Start Here Guide)

A Start Here Guide for Beginners

Author: Patrick J. Harbula, D.D.



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Meditation is an ancient practice that has brought peace and clarity to people from every time, culture, and place. Its benefits —a sense of calm, greater knowledge of self, better health—are...

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Meditation is an ancient practice that has brought peace and clarity to people from every time, culture, and place. Its benefits —a sense of calm, greater knowledge of self, better health—are as appealing to the modern world as they were to the ancient. In this beginner’s guide to meditation, author Patrick Harbula provides readers with everything they need to know in order to experience deep meditation.

Readers will learn:
- The history of meditation, both Eastern and Western
- The benefits of meditation for the mind, body, and spirit
- Different forms of meditation practice
- Supportive practices to enhance the benefits of meditation in daily living.
- Simple ways to begin meditation immediately, and more...

In addition, readers will also find simple techniques to deepen the meditation path for more experienced meditators. Meditation demystifies the often times intimidating world of meditation, providing the perfect starting point for anyone looking to cultivate a sense of peace in their life.

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St. Martin's Essentials



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"Encyclopedic in scope, this useful compendium is not just for newcomers on the spiritual path. Author Patrick Harbula covers every aspect of meditation from its history to its benefits to the how-tos of more than two dozen practices. A lifetime of experience with Eastern and Western contemplative traditions informs these pages, packed with useful tips on choosing a method, what to expect, and establishing a daily practice. Meditation fundamentals like breathwork, mindfulness, and visualization are explained in clear, accessible terms." —Joan Duncan Oliver, author of Buddhism: An Introduction to the Buddha's Life, Teachings, and Practices.

"Meditation is a very simple process which can be done in many ways. Patrick Harbula provides a guide which can be read as a basic primer or as a deep dive into all things meditation. This is a book that should be on every meditator's bookshelf and be dogeared, marked up, and well-read." —Dr. Jim Lockard, author of Creating The Beloved Community: A Handbook for Spiritual Leadership

In Meditation Patrick Harbula offers perhaps the most inclusive explanation and application of meditation I have ever read. He has taken what is generally perceived as an Eastern practice and made it “user-friendly” for the western mind. This is an exquisite and transparent handbook for anyone who seeks to explore the countless benefits found in a life grounded in meditation. I encourage you to allow Patrick to be your personal guide on the journey to the place you never really left—your oneness with Life. He knows—in real time—from whence he speaks.
—Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones, bestselling author of, The Art of Abundance :Ten rules for a Prosperous Life, and The Art of Uncertainty: How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It

"Patrick Harbula’s presentation of a wide variety of meditation styles and techniques makes this book a unique presentation on the subject. Particularly insightful is the Helpful Hints section, which offers practical and cutting edge strategies for effortlessly stilling the mind. The Chapter on Supportive Spiritual Practices also makes this book a seminal and complete treatment for spiritual growth as well as user friendly tool for beginners and seasoned meditators alike." —Dr. Ken Gordon, Spiritual Director of Centers for Spiritual Living

"Patrick Harbula has created a beautiful introduction to the novice meditator. Using gentle humor, personal stories, and practical suggestions, he guides the reader through complex ideas such as enlightenment, spiritual bypass, dealing with expectations, and sustaining an enjoyable and meaningful meditation practice."
— Dr. Edward Viljoen, author of The Power of Meditation: An Ancient Technique to Access Your Inner Power

"While explaining the deep, historical roots of meditation, Patrick makes the practice very accessible to the beginner and highly motivational for the long-time meditator. This is one of the most comprehensive books on Meditation available to us today. Benefits, approaches, and specific practices are skillfully explained in his approachable, personal style, and I recommend it wholeheartedly."
—Rev. Dr. Maxine Kaye, Author, Alive and Ageless: How to Feel Alive and Live Fully Every Day of Your Life

"The verdict is in! Meditation is found to reduce stress and pain while boosting cognitive and immune function. So, why isn’t everyone doing it? Patrick Harbula to the rescue! He has taken this lofty and sometimes confusing topic and distilled it down to beautiful essence. Not only does he share the history and benefits of meditation, but several powerful practices to get you into deeper touch with yourself. This book helps you experience the nourishing stillness and peace we all crave. If you’ve tried in the past and just couldn’t make meditation a part of your life, read this book. It is an essential guide filled with clear, gentle instruction and a whole lot of heart." —Kris Ferraro, Energy Coach, Speaker, and Author of Energy Healing: Simple and Effective Practices to Become Your Own Healer

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