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No One Returns From the Enchanted Forest

No One Returns From the Enchanted Forest

Robin Robinson

First Second


In this fantasy adventure graphic novel from debut author-illustrator Robin Robinson, a shy goblin must play the role of hero.

They say no one returns from the Enchanted Forest—but that won’t discourage Pella. Earthquakes are destroying her village, and worst of all, they’ve caused the Midsummer Festival to be canceled. According to legend, the Earth Queen is to blame for these violent quakes—and the Earth Queen’s tower lies at the heart of the Enchanted Forest. Late one night, Pella sneaks away to find the Earth Queen and give her a piece of her mind. But she’s not afraid—she’s never afraid.

It’s Bix, Pella’s sister, who does the worrying for both of them. She’s the one, after all, who was tasked with keeping her sister safe after they lost their parents. But despite her fears and the very real dangers that lie ahead, Bix will do anything to protect her little sister—even walk into the Enchanted Forest with only a ball of yarn to guide them home.

They say no one returns from the Enchanted Forest. Will Bix and Pella be the first?

Praise for No One Returns From the Enchanted Forest

"Debut creator Robinson explores the ups and downs of siblinghood in this lushly illustrated fantasy that’s visually reminiscent of Hildafolk and Steven Universe." —Publishers Weekly

"This graphic novel makes full use of skillful interplay between text and illustration, mirroring feelings of insignificance with expanses of space, and Robinson demonstrates creative exploration of panel size and shape... Contemplations of forgiveness and redemption add thoughtful layers to this fast-paced graphic novel."—The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"With danger always lurking and illustrations that are full of movement, it’s easy to get quickly swept up into this tale and not want to leave. Enchanting indeed."—Kirkus

Vibrant colors, imaginative beasts, skilled cartooning, and a well-told story make this a fun, satisfying read."—Booklist


Robin Robinson

No One Returns from the Enchanted Forest is Robin Robinson’s author-illustrator debut, after drawing The City on the Other Side with writer Mairghread Scott. Robin lives in a house that looks like someone threw a Halloween party in a library and forgot to clean up afterward. The pet rats only add to this impression.

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Amy Humphreys

First Second

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