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Snakes on the Job

Snakes on the Job

Kathryn Dennis

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Full of sibilant sounds and other wordplay, Kathryn Dennis's picture book, Snakes on the Job, is a sssssweet story that's sure to be a read-aloud hit.

Off to work the snakes will go.
They slide into trucks and roll out slow.
Hisssssssh goes the sound of the brakes.

The busy snakes are back! This time, they are operating a variety of construction vehicles—bulldozers, diggers, backhoes and more—and what they are building is a surprise. It’s so fun, that new friends want to join them!

Praise for Snakes on the Job

An Amazon Best Book of the Month

The creator of the popular Snakes on a Train is back .... This time, the snakes are going to work on construction vehicles. Equally short and easy-to-read as its predecessor, this title continues with snake sounds of “Hisssssssssh” for the brakes. Listeners can chime in with this repeated refrain throughout. A friendly conclusion wraps up the short tale. ...Yesssssssssssssh. An excellent addition for vehicle lovers and newly independent readers. Expect to be asked for this one again and again.School Library Journal


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Kathryn Dennis

Kathryn Dennis began her art career drawing on walls and sidewalks and painting on anything that did not move. She is the author and artist of Snakes on a Train, which was her picture book debut. She lives in Seattle, WA.

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