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Albert Hopper, Science Hero

Albert Hopper, Science Hero

Albert Hopper, Science Hero (Volume 1)

John Himmelman

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)


In John Himmelman's early chapter book series, Albert Hopper is a frog—and a science hero! He seeks to explore the world and beyond, generating laughs and imparting STEM wisdom as he goes.

Albert Hopper, Science Hero is on a mission: to travel to the center of the earth! With his wormlike ship Wiggles and the help of his niece and nephew, trusty Junior Science Heroes Polly and Tad, Hopper is ready to go where no frog has gone before.

Thick layers of rock and rubble, tunnels of lava, and temperatures of 6,000 degrees stand between our heroes and their prize. Will they make it? Find out in this funny and informative adventure.

Chapter 1


“Calling Junior Science Hero Polly. Calling Junior Science Hero Tad. Report to the laboritorium, and quickly!”

Polly and Tad raced to their uncle’s lab. A huge metal worm filled the room.


John Himmelman

John Himmelman is the author and illustrator of more than seventy-five books for children, including the Bunjitsu Bunny books, The Giant from the Fire Sea, Floaty, The Cow Said Meow, Chickens to the Rescue, and Duck to the Rescue. He lives in Connecticut with his artist wife, Betsy.

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

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