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Mythographic Color and Discover: Enchanted Castles

Mythographic Color and Discover: Enchanted Castles

An Artist's Coloring Book of Dreamy Palaces and Hidden Objects


Fabiana Attanasio

Castle Point Books


Trade Paperback

A world of enchanted castles to color - including hidden objects to find!

Enter a majestic world of awe-inspiring fortresses and timeless wonders. Fabiana Attanasio's Mythographic Color and Discover: Enchanted Castles is a unique blend of creativity, beauty, and illusion. Through elaborate illustrations that morph, bend, and come alive with every crafted detail, you’ll enjoy getting lost in a mesmerizing realm of color and wonder.

Color this collection of more than 40 stunning, hand-drawn illustrations, and discover the hidden objects that add intriguing detail to each one. Make your way through a dream world of architecture, lush scenes, and thrilling imagination.

· Open the door to a secret world of more than 40 incredible illustrations
· Discover the secret objects hidden within every illustration
· Color a captivating array of whimsical illusions and magical scenes

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