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How to Remember Everything

How to Remember Everything

Tips & Tricks to Become a Memory Master!

Jacob Sager Weinstein; illustrations by Barbara Malley

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How to Remember Everything is the ultimate guide to unlocking the power of your brain!

Kids will learn how to ace history tests by memorizing dates, feel confident about remembering people's names, win card games by mastering entire decks, and hang on to happy memories for a lifetime.

This invaluable memory guide for children is full of recall-building techniques, fun challenges, and hilarious art.

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Jacob Sager Weinstein; illustrations by Barbara Malley

Jacob Sager Weinstein’s earliest memory is watching his big brother and sister go off to school without him. His most recent memory is typing that last sentence. In between, he has written for The New Yorker, HBO, and the BBC. His other books include Hyacinth And The Secrets Beneath and Lyric McKerrigan, Secret Librarian. He lives in London with his wife and their two children.

Barbara Malley is a cartoonist, illustrator, and entertainment art/animation lecturer from Southern California. She loves to draw in her sketchbook, hang out with cats, collect rocks, watch ice hockey, and read manga.

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Jacob Sager Weinstein
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Barbara Malley