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The Girl Who Fell Out of the Sky

The Girl Who Fell Out of the Sky

Piper McCloud (Volume 3)

Victoria Forester; read by Cassandra Morris

Macmillan Young Listeners


In The Girl Who Fell Out of the Sky--the conclusion to the fantasy adventure series that began with the New York Times bestseller The Girl Who Could Fly--Victoria Forester shows listeners that life is always exceptional, and "abilities" come in many forms.

What happens when the girl who could fly can't fly anymore?

Piper McCloud's ability to fly has disappeared, perhaps the result of some dark spell put on her, or perhaps because her ability has simply vanished forever. There is a worldwide calamity that Piper, Conrad, and their exceptional friends must tackle to save the planet, but Piper is left behind. If she can't fly, then what use is she?

Piper learns she can't do a lot of things—cook, clean, and help Ma around the house, among them. She feels more helpless than ever. What is she good at? How will she ever believe in herself again?



Jimmy Joe Miller sucked on a stale piece of gum and dangled his baseball bat between his hands. Keeping to the thin shade cast off by the awning of Jameson’s Dry Goods and Feed, he squinted his eyes and surveyed...

Victoria Forester; read by Cassandra Morris

Victoria Forester is the author of the Piper McCloud series, which began with The Girl Who Could Fly, a Booklist Editor’s Choice and Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year. She is also a successful screenwriter, and originally wrote The Girl Who Could Fly for film. She liked the story so much that she decided to expand it into her first book. Victoria grew up on a remote farm in Ontario, Canada, and graduated from the University of Toronto. She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, daughter, and cat.

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Victoria Forester