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The Pursuit of Miss Heartbreak Hotel

The Pursuit of Miss Heartbreak Hotel

Moe Bonneau

Square Fish


Intimate and raw, The Pursuit of Miss Heartbreak Hotel is a story about sexuality, family, heartbreak, old habits you can’t quite shake, and first love you never see coming. Bursting with undeniable swagger and neo-beat slang, Moe Bonneau's stunning debut novel has a language and rhythm all its own.

Ours is an age-old tale of two betties, apple-Jacks forever, when suddenly one goes ace gorgeous and then, naturally, massive popular. Said popular betty ditches other unsaid, unpopular betty for superhit cool crowd. Girls don’t speak again for four years, until a chance meeting reunites them . . .

What do you do when Ms. Ancient History comes waltzing back into your life? If you're Lu Butler, dodging sweet but clueless boys while secretly crushing hard on girls, you fall.

Never-Ending Pending Love

In love, there are two ways we break our hearts on someone. Two that I know of, anyway. The first I call Never-Ending Pending Love.

The sharp, lonesome cry of Never-Ending Pending has held me...

Praise for The Pursuit of Miss Heartbreak Hotel

"[An] exuberantly original narrative . . . . Bonneau expertly wrangles slang expressions into snappy dialogue and vibrant introspection with an ease reminiscent of Francesca Lia Block." —Booklist, starred review

"A tender, queer coming-of-age story . . . that teaches young readers that love takes courage." —Kirkus Reviews


Moe Bonneau

Moe Bonneau is the author-illustrator of the picture book Seven Bad Cats. She lives in San Francisco and works as an illustrator and designer. The Pursuit of Miss Heartbreak Hotel is her first novel.


Square Fish

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