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Crush and Color: Jason Momoa

Crush and Color: Jason Momoa

A Coloring Book of Fantasies With an Epic Dreamboat

Maurizio Campidelli

Castle Point Books


A fantasy-filled coloring book for the millions of Jason Momoa fans

Escape to your very own rugged utopia with Jason Momoa! Crush and Color: Jason Momoa is a collection of daydreams come to life on incredible coloring pages. Immerse yourself in more than 35 completely unique, life-like drawings of Jason Momoa in the zone and on top of the world. Let him take the helm on a sunset sail, witness impressive physical strength as he scales a colossal cliffside, and take in the serenity of quieter moments through colorable works of art. Caught on every page is Jason Momoa’s breezy charm and irresistible vigor ready for coloring detail. Color your way to a dreamier day with enamoring reveries and stirring displays of masculinity on each page of Crush and Color: Jason Momoa!

-Get smitten with more than 35 hand-drawn Jason Momoa moments
-Perforated pages make it easy to display the object of your romance or bromance
-Enter a world where Jason Momoa is your sun and stars

Maurizio Campidelli

MAURIZIO CAMPIDELLI grew up reading comic books, and it was the amazing adventures, humor, and fantasy found in those pages that eventually inspired his illustration style. Maurizio now works as an illustrator in Rimini, Italy, and he can be found on the beach, running, or biking on the boardwalk in his free time.

Author work at Advocate-Art