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The Treehouse Joke Book

The Treehouse Joke Book

The Treehouse Books

Andy Griffiths; Illustrated by Terry Denton

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What's black and white and read all over the world? The New York Times–bestselling Treehouse series, of course!

International author-illustrator superstar duo Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton are back, and this time they've cooked up a hilarious joke book to complement their beloved chapter book series.

Chock-full of gags, quips, and puns—both all-new and some that were previously featured in The 104-Story TreehouseThe Treehouse Joke Book promises countless laughs both for existing fans and newcomers to the Treehouse universe.


Q: What sort of stories do bears like best?

A: Furry tales.

Q: What do you call an angry bear?

A: Nothing—just run.

Q: Why couldn’t the teddy bear eat its lunch?


Praise for The Treehouse Joke Book

Praise for Andy Griffiths and the Treehouse series:

"Anarchic absurdity at its best . . . Denton's manic cartooning captures every twist and turn in hilarious detail." —Publishers Weekly, starred review, on The 13-Story Treehouse

"Will appeal to fans of Jeff Kinney and Dav Pilkey . . . The wonderfully random slapstick humor is tailor-made for reluctant readers . . . A treat for all." —Booklist on The 13-Story Treehouse

"Twice the treehouse, twice the fun? You bet . . . Denton's furiously scrawled line drawings milk the silly, gross-out gags for everything they're worth. Kids should be flipping pages faster than a pair of inflatable underpants can skyrocket the young heroes to safety." —Publishers Weekly, starred review, on The 26-Story Treehouse

"This zany sequel, as much cartoon illustration as text, is an almost nonstop adventure." —Booklist on The 26-Story Treehouse


Reviews from Goodreads

Andy Griffiths; Illustrated by Terry Denton

New York Times–bestselling author Andy Griffiths, who wrote the Treehouse series, Killer Koalas From Outer Space, The Big Fat Cow That Goes Kapow, The Cat on the Mat Is Flat, and The Day My Butt Went Psycho! is at his best in these wild storytelling adventures, perfect for readers of all ages.

Terry Denton has worked with Andy on many books, including the Treehouse series and Killer Koalas From Outer Space. He lives in Australia with his wife and three kids.

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The Treehouse Books

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