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History Comics: The National Parks

Preserving America's Wild Places

History Comics

Author: Falynn Koch

History Comics: The National Parks

History Comics: The National Parks


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Let this graphic novel be your time machine—experience history like never before! Our past is only the beginning with History Comics.

In this volume, The National Parks: Preserving America's Wild Places, turn back the clock to 1872, when Congress established Yellowstone National Park as an area of unspoiled beauty for the "benefit and enjoyment of the people." Meet the visionaries, artists, and lovers of the American wilderness who fought against corruption and self-interest to carve out and protect these spaces for future generations. See for yourself how the idea of National Parks began, how they've changed, and how they continue to define America.

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"Sassy guides lead readers through a witty yet complicated history of the national parks."—Kirkus

"Middle grade readers visiting any of the hundreds of ­national park sites will find their enjoyment and appreciation of the experience much enhanced by this graphic overview."—School Library Journal, starred review

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History Comics: The National Parks

History Comics: The National Parks