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Rhinos in Nebraska

Rhinos in Nebraska

The Amazing Discovery of the Ashfall Fossil Beds

Alison Pearce Stevens; illustrated by Matt Huynh

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)


Twelve million years ago, rhinos, elephants, and camels roamed North America. They would gather at nearby watering holes—eating, drinking, and trying not to become someone else’s lunch. But one day, in what we now know as Nebraska, everything changed. The explosion of a supervolcano a thousand miles away sent a blanket of ash that buried these animals for millennia.

Until 1953, when a seventeen-year-old farm worker made an unbelievable discovery.

Rhinos in Nebraska tells the story of the Ashfall Fossil Beds, where more than two hundred perfectly preserved fossils have been found. Step into the past with author Alison Pearce Stevens and uncover the mysteries of Ashfall.


Picture this: a vast grassy plain, dotted here and there with trees. A small herd of rhinos thunders by. An elephant trumpets in the distance. A long, giraffe-like neck stretches into the branches of...

Alison Pearce Stevens; illustrated by Matt Huynh

Alison Pearce Stevens, Ph.D., has written more than one hundred science articles for children and coauthored several National Geographic Kids books. Alison found inspiration for Rhinos in Nebraska through her work at the University of Nebraska State Museum.

Matt Huynh
is a Sydney-born, New York–based visual artist and storyteller. Huynh's animations, comics, and murals have been featured in exhibitions at MoMA, the Smithsonian, and the New-York Historical Society. His work has been honored by the Pulitzer Prizes and the Eisner and World Illustration awards.

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Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

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