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Defender in Chief

Defender in Chief

Donald Trump's Fight for the Constitution

John Yoo

All Points Books


Donald Trump isn't shredding the Constitution—he's its greatest protector.

Ask any liberal—and many moderate conservatives—and they'll tell you that Donald Trump is a threat to the rule of law as delineated by the U.S. Constitution. Mainstream media outlets have reported fresh examples of alleged executive overreach or authoritarian rhetoric nearly every day of his presidency. In the 2020 primaries, the candidates seem to be competing to paint the most frightening picture of how the president is destroying our democracy and jeopardizing our nation's very existence.

In Defender in Chief, John Yoo, one of America's best-known constitutional scholars, makes an airtight case against the president's supposed disdain for constitutional rules and norms. Far from considering Trump an inherent threat to our nation's founding principles, Yoo convincingly argues that Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Adams, and Franklin would have seen the president as more in line with their vision of the executive branch than his recent predecessors, even at his most controversial.

This authoritative and engaging work is a compelling, intellectually-sound defense of an embattled president's ideas and actions.

John Yoo

JOHN YOO is one of America's best-known conservative constitutional scholars. He is currently the Emanuel S. Heller Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley. Previously, he served as the Deputy Assistant US Attorney General in the Office of Legal Counsel during the George W. Bush administration. He has written several books on American foreign policy and the power of the executive branch, and is a frequent guest on Fox News programs.