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Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

A Journal for Finding Your Way from Depression to Happiness

Nadia Hayes

Castle Point Books


Trade Paperback

Daily journaling for a brighter, happier you

When clouds of melancholy roll in, take a step forward to come Out of the Blue. In Nadia Hayes's comforting journal you’ll find helpful ways, large and small, to take control of sadness and move into a more positive mindset. The little choices you make each day – including spending time journaling – can help bring warmth, light, and positivity into your world. Out of the Blue is designed to guide you through your sadness and worries to a brighter path ahead.

• More than 120 pages of ideas and inspiration will help you reclaim happiness
• A no-judgment space to release all that you’re holding inside
• Find new joy, gratitude, and meaning in the everyday moments of your life

With Out of the Blue, you can get into the habit of processing your emotions and turning your face to the sun. You’ll feel happier, healthier, and more hopeful!

Nadia Hayes

Nadia Hayes is a proud introvert who works as a wellness coach in the Houston area. She recharges by writing, knitting, and communing with nature. She is the author of Choose Calm, One Poem a Day, and One Drawing a Day.

Nadia Hayes