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Crush and Color: Twentieth-Century Foxes

Crush and Color: Twentieth-Century Foxes

Colorful Fantasies with Old-School Heartthrobs

Maurizio Campidelli

Castle Point Books


Trade Paperback

Maurizio Campidelli's Crush and Color: Twentieth Century Foxes is a fangirl's dream coloring book.

The latest addition to the Crush and Color series features your favorite movie stars from a simpler time. Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Val Kilmer; these hot and wild celebs will populate your dreams with images of them as the perfect boyfriends, all while you enjoy some meditative, relaxing coloring.

Maurizio Campidelli

MAURIZIO CAMPIDELLI grew up reading comic books, and it was the amazing adventures, humor, and fantasy found in those pages that eventually inspired his illustration style. Maurizio now works as an illustrator in Rimini, Italy, and he can be found on the beach, running, or biking on the boardwalk in his free time. His coloring books include Crush and Color: Jason Momoa and Crush and Color: Keanu Reeves.

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Manuela Campidelli

Author work at Advocate-Art