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Zen as F*ck Posters

Zen as F*ck Posters

18 Designs to Inspire the Sh*t Out of You

Monica Sweeney

Castle Point Books


Trade Paperback

Surround yourself with a sh*tload of wisdom!

Bring on the cheerful profanity of Zen as F*ck with 18 clever posters! These beautifully designed pages will transform your favorite sanctuary into a relaxed, no-f*cks-given place of inspiration and happiness. Showcase a stunningly sweary wall collage in your favorite space or spread the love across every part of your home. Printed on high-f*cking-quality paper, these posters will display your sense of humor and sassy attitude while they bring out your inner badass.

• 18 pleasantly profane designs to boost your ‘tude
• Perforated pages and quality paper make it easy to jazz up your home décor
• Clever sayings from the Zen as F*ck series for positivity and fun