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Dream Walls Collage Kit: Ocean Getaway

Dream Walls Collage Kit: Ocean Getaway

50 Pieces of Art Inspired by Sun and Sea

Dream Walls Collage Kit

Chloe Standish

Castle Point Books


Trade Paperback

With Chloe Standish's Dream Walls Collage Kit: Ocean Getaway's 50 easy-to-remove posters
you can add atmosphere, color, and style to any room in an instant

Just tape, pushpin, or sticky-tack the 50 unique 8 x 10 images to create an impressive and colorful collage. Arrange all the pieces to cover a 5’ x 6’ area or split the collection into smaller displays to suit your space. Add your own photos and images for a custom look.

No matter how you choose to display the pictures, Dream Walls Collage Kit: Ocean Getaway is the easy and fun way to upgrade your interior.

Inside you'll find:

- 50 unique, full-color images to display in any room
- Relaxing beach vibes for fun in the sun, inspiration, and happiness
- Customizable design for a fresh, new look
- Pull-out pages that release cleanly and easily

Chloe Standish

Chloe Standish is passionate about interior design. She expresses her creativity through home decor, jewelry-making, and travel. She lives in Boulder, CO with her Yorkie named Bubbles.

Chloe Standish