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Birds Aren't Real

The True Story of Mass Avian Murder and the Largest Surveillance Campaign in US History

Author: Peter McIndoe and Connor Gaydos

Birds Aren't Real

Birds Aren't Real

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The true story of the greatest conspiracy in US history—and how to fight back.

Have you ever seen a baby pigeon? You haven’t, have you? No one has, not in many, many...

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The true story of the greatest conspiracy in US history—and how to fight back.

Have you ever seen a baby pigeon? You haven’t, have you? No one has, not in many, many years. They used to be everywhere. You couldn’t walk out of your front door in New York City in the 1930s without seeing dozens of those little guys scurrying around. Today, there are millions of grown up pigeons in New York, but not a baby pigeon to be seen. That’s because they come out of the factory as adults.

This is one of the many smoking guns of the bird drone surveillance crisis. Since 1959, the Deep State has mercilessly slaughtered over 12 billion birds and replaced them with identical drones that are designed to spy on private citizens and report their every action directly to the government. From pet canaries to Sesame Street, the shadowy figures that pull the strings have infiltrated every aspect of our society, making a mockery of civil liberties while the American people live in blissful ignorance. Until now.

In Birds Aren’t Real, whistleblowers Peter McIndoe and Connor Gaydos trace the roots of a political conspiracy so vast and well-hidden that it almost seems like an elaborate hoax. These hero Bird Truthers have risked life and limb to compile and disseminate a treasure trove of information about the origins of the surveillance crisis, its spread, and the patriots who are on the front lines today, raising awareness and working to reclaim America as the land of the free. This urgent manifesto features a host of useful illustrations, activities, and leaked classified documents that will convince even the most outspoken skeptic that birds aren’t real. The truth is out there: will you stand and fight before it’s too late?

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“Provides a wry commentary on an era where conspiracy theories are no longer relegated to shadowy internet forums and the fringes of media. By detailing an utterly ridiculous alternate history wherein your pet parakeet is in fact an insidious agent of espionage, [McIndoe & Gaydos] offer a sharp lesson in media literacy.”
New York Times

“Cosplaying the paranoid fringe, Birds Aren’t Real delivers a knowing satire of American conspiratorial thinking in the century of QAnon. Beneath the collegiate humor, however, lies a profound grasp of conspiracism’s psychic appeal, and a valuable provocation. How to best fight false claims and conspiracies online is currently the subject of fierce debate among social and computer scientists, policymakers, even the Supreme Court…Could it be, as a consequential election looms and violent online fantasies spray into real life, that we are going about it all entirely the wrong way?”
—The New Republic

“A silly and winning spoof.”
Publishers Weekly

"Quirky and humorously provocative."

“‘Bird Truthers’ Peter McIndoe and Connor Gaydos include evidence to support their very real and super normal beliefs in this new manifesto, which contains charts, illustrations, activities, and leaked government documents. Whether or not you’re one of the faithful, it promises to be a fun read at least.”
—A.V. Club, "10 Books You Should Read in June"

“More than a million people have become followers of a conspiracy theory that birds aren’t real…[the movement] mirrors some of the absurdity that has taken flight across the country.”
60 Minutes

“[A] meta conspiracy movement, set to out-conspire all other conspiracies.”

“The most perfect, playful distillation of where we are in relation to the media landscape we’ve built but can’t control…It’s a conspiracy-within-a-conspiracy.”
The Guardian

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Birds Aren't Real

Birds Aren't Real

Birds Aren't Real
Birds Aren't Real