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Epic Athletes: Tom Brady

Epic Athletes: Tom Brady

Epic Athletes (Volume 4)

Dan Wetzel; illustrations by Kazimir Lee Iskander

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)


Bestselling author Dan Wetzel delivers an action-packed biography of the legendary quarterback and Super Bowl champ in Epic Athletes: Tom Brady.

Featuring comic-style illustrations by Kazimir Lee Iskander!

Throughout eighteen incredible seasons, Tom Brady has led his team to five Super Bowl championships and earned three Most Valuable Player Awards, cementing his status as one of the best quarterbacks ever. Only one question remains unanswered--is he THE greatest of all time?

From the moment Tom Brady stepped on the gridiron wearing a New England Patriots jersey, the National Football League was forever changed. A star, a legend, a future hall-of-famer was born. Over the years, he's mounted comeback after comeback win, finding the open man for a touchdown just when victory seemed out of reach.

In this inspirational biography of a living legend, acclaimed sports writer and bestselling author Dan Wetzel chronicles Tom Brady's rise from a backup quarterback at the University of Michigan to an MVP on the biggest stage in sports--the Super Bowl. This fantastic biography also includes vibrant comic-style interior illustrations.

Praise for Epic Athletes

* "An unusually informative and enjoyable sports biography for young readers." —Booklist, starred review for Epic Athletes: Stephen Curry


The Comeback

TOM BRADY WAS SPRAWLED OUT on his stomach, lying across the turf of NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. He was looking up and watching as an Atlanta Falcons cornerback named Robert Alford sprinted through...

Praise for Epic Athletes: Tom Brady

* "Wetzel knows how to organize the facts and tell a good story. His insights into high school, collegiate, and professional basketball, along with his use of well-chosen quotes from insiders, make this book an unusually informative and enjoyable sports biography for young readers." —Booklist, starred review for Epic Athletes: Stephen Curry -

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Dan Wetzel; illustrations by Kazimir Lee Iskander

New York Times bestselling author Dan Wetzel has been a Yahoo Sports national columnist since 2003. He's covered events and stories around the globe, including college football, the NFL, the MLB, the NHL, the NBA, the UFC, the World Cup, and the Olympics. For years, he's been called America's best sports columnist, appeared repeatedly in the prestigious Best American Sports Writing, and been honored more than a dozen times by the Associated Press Sports Editors. Follow him on Twitter!

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Dan Wetzel

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Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

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