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Equality for Women = Prosperity for All

Equality for Women = Prosperity for All

The Disastrous Global Crisis of Gender Inequality

Augusto Lopez-Claros and Bahiyyih Nakhjavani; read by Soneela Nankani and the authors

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On Sale: 10/30/2018

ISBN: 9781250301406


Equality for Women = Prosperity for All by Augusto Lopez-Claros and Bahiyyih Nakhjavani is a groundbreaking audiobook about the direct relationship between a woman's rights and freedoms and the economic prosperity of her country.

The economics of gender inequality is often reduced to equal pay for equal work. But there is much more to it than that. Can a woman, whether married or single, register a business in the same way as a man? Can she sign a contract? Do men and women have equal ownership rights to property? Does she have the right to confer citizenship on her children? Are there criminal sanctions for sexual harassment?

Gender inequality in the fields of education, law, employment and wages lead to incalculable social and political disparities. These disparities in turn give rise to endemic poverty and violence, to individual frustration, social instability and cultural disaffection. When women are deprived of their rights, economies are eroded, democracies weakened, and the fabric of societies radically undermined. This pioneering book shows, once and for all, the direct correlation between the freedoms given to women and the prosperity enjoyed by all.



Numbers tell us, quietly, a terrible story of inequality and neglect.


When we see extremely skewed demographics, we have very good reason to suspect that...

Augusto Lopez-Claros and Bahiyyih Nakhjavani; read by Soneela Nankani and the authors

AUGUSTO LOPEZ-CLAROS is currently a Senior Fellow at the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University and was previously the Director of Global Indicators at the World Bank and Chief Economist at the World Economic Forum in Geneva. He has lectured in recent years at some of the world’s leading universities and think-tanks.

BAHIYYIH NAKHJAVANI is an Iranian writer with a multicultural background. An award-winning author of Us & Them, a novel about the Iranian diaspora, The Woman Who Read Too Much and The Saddlebag, an international bestseller, she now lives and works in France.

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