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Space Station Down

Space Station Down

Ben Bova and Doug Beason

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Hugo Award-winning author Ben Bova joins forces with Nebula Award finalist Doug Beason for an action packed technothriller with Space Station Down.

“Think Die Hard happening two hundred and fifty miles above the earth...Will have you watching the skies overhead much more closely.”—Steve Berry

When an ultra-rich space tourist visits the orbiting International Space Station, NASA expects a $100 million win-win: his visit will bring in much needed funding and publicity. But the tourist venture turns into a scheme of terror. Together with an extremist cosmonaut, the tourist slaughters all the astronauts on board the million-pound ISS—and prepares to crash it into New York City at 17,500 miles an hour, causing more devastation than a hundred atomic bombs. In doing so, they hope to annihilate the world’s financial system.

All that stands between them and their deadly goal is the lone survivor aboard the ISS, Kimberly Hasid-Robinson, a newly divorced astronaut who has barricaded herself in a secure area.

At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.


Kimberly Hadid-Robinson floated upside down in the International Space Station’s Japanese module—or JPM, as she and the other astronauts called it.

Her wiry dark hair was frizzed out to the size of a football...

Praise for Space Station Down

“Think Die Hard happening two hundred and fifty miles above the earth... will have you watching the skies overhead much more closely.” —Steve Berry

“One hell of a fine suspense novel.” —Stephen Coonts

“An awesomely realistic thriller.” —Larry Niven

“Begs for the big screen!” —Ward Larsen

"Rips through your imagination at Mach 25, a suspense-filled rocket that hurtles off the pad and never, never slows down. This hyper-realistic tale is the stuff of space nightmares.” —Tom Jones, veteran shuttle astronaut, spacewalker, and author of Sky Walking: An Astronaut’s Memoir

“A smart, gripping thriller.” —Terry Virts, NASA astronaut, International Space Station commander, Author and Speaker

“Thrilling... It surely captures the close working quarters and challenges of isolation while keeping readers on the edge of their seats wrapped around this story of intrigue, espionage and human terror.” —Sean O’Keefe, former NASA Administrator

“Wow! I found myself feeling like I was flying through the space station.... And I should know—I’ve been there!” —Nicole Stott, ISS & Space Shuttle Astronaut, spacewalker, and aquanaut

“A tense, claustrophobic, space-bound thriller.” —Library Journal


Reviews from Goodreads

Ben Bova and Doug Beason

BEN BOVA is a six-time winner of the Hugo Award, a former editor of Analog, former editorial director of Omni, and a past president of both the National Space Society and the Science Fiction Writers of America. His books include the Grand Tour novels (including John W. Campbell Memorial Award winner Titan) and the Star Quest subseries.

DOUG BEASON is a Nebula Award finalist whose fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies, as well as an expert on National Defense Security and a retired Colonel in the Air Force. His novel The Trinity Paradox was the first novel ever reviewed in Physics Today and the first work of fiction nominated for the American Physical Society's Forum Award.

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