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Mysticons: The Stolen Magic

Mysticons: The Stolen Magic


Liz Marsham; read by Nicki Burke

Macmillan Young Listeners



Macmillan Young Listeners

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On Sale: 08/28/2018

ISBN: 9781250310880


This program is read by Nicki Burke, who voices Mysticon Ranger Zarya on the hit animated show.

Mysticon Ranger Zarya meets an extraordinary magician—but then her new friend steals her powers. Without her abilities, Zarya no longer feels like part of the Mysticons—and she refuses to let the team help. Zarya got herself in this mess; she’ll get her powers back on her own.

But as the forces of evil close in on Drake City, the Mysticons need their Ranger. Zarya will have to rely on her friends—or risk losing her Mysticon powers forever!

This original audiobook is based on the hit new show Mysticons, and tells a brand-new adventure for our heroes!

Mysticons characters, designs, and elements © 2018 Nelvana Limited. Mysticons is a trademark of Nelvana Limited. All rights reserved.

An Imprint Book


Piper was right, thought Zarya. This was turning into a pretty great night.

As the heroic Mysticons, Zarya and her friends—Piper, the acrobatic Mysticon Striker; Em, the steadfast Mysticon Knight; and Arkayna, the inspiring...

Liz Marsham; read by Nicki Burke

Liz Marsham began her storytelling career as an editor for DC Comics and Disney Publishing. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, a cat who thinks she is a princess, and a cat who thinks he is a dog. She is the author of Mysticons: The Stolen Magic.