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Never After: The Stolen Slippers

The Chronicles of Never After (Volume 2)

Author: Melissa de la Cruz

Never After: The Stolen Slippers

Never After: The Stolen Slippers

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Real life and fairy tales collide in The Stolen Slippers, book two of the funny and thrilling middle-grade Never After series from #1 New York Times–bestselling author of the Descendants series Melissa de la Cruz.
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Discover a new middle-grade fantasy saga from Melissa de la Cruz, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Descendants series, with Never After: The Stolen Slippers, where real life and fairy tales collide!

Tossed back into the not-so-familiar fairy-tale world of Never After, Filomena Jefferson-Cho and her friends set off on another adventure . . . this time in search of Cinderella’s glass slipper. Or rather, glass slippers.

It turns out the classic story of Cinderella is full of lies—starting with how Cinderella herself is far from the innocent heroine everyone thinks she is. She is manipulative and cunning—willing to do anything to be the princess of Eastphalia. The real heroines of her story are her “wicked” stepsisters, Hortense and Beatrice, who aren’t actually wicked at all!

With the help of the dashing Jack Stalker, adorable Alastair, and glamorous Gretel, Filomena must track down the slippers, which may be the key to a certain mysterious prophecy . . . And when Filomena and Beatrice get tossed into the Beast’s dungeon, all hope seems to be lost. Will the conniving Cinderella shatter everyone’s hopes for a true un-twisted ending? Or will Filomena and her friends secure the happily ever after Cinderella’s stepsisters deserve?

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"This entertaining sequel is full of humor and daring escapades, and the ending nicely sets things up for the next entry." - Kirkus

"Satisf[ies] the fractured fairy tale itch for many." - School Library Journal

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Never After: The Stolen Slippers

Never After: The Stolen Slippers