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A Novel

Meredith Russo

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ISBN: 9781250317063


"Birthday is a luminous and profoundly moving coming-of-age story of love, family, friendship, destiny, and the struggle to live as one’s truest self. It will break your heart, piece it back together even stronger, and do it again and again until the last page."— Jeff Zentner, Morris Award-winning author of The Serpent King

An unconventional love story told by the award-winning author of If I Was Your Girl, Meredith Russo!

The stars align when two very different kids, Morgan and Eric, are born in the same hospital on the same day, setting into motion a series of events that’ll shape who they are and who they’re destined to become. They’re best friends who will come together, drift apart, kiss, fall in love, and ultimately, discover how much fate has in store for them.

The follow-up to If I Was Your Girl, Meredith Russo’s beloved and acclaimed debut, Birthday is an audiobook told in six years of snapshots of the characters’ birthdays, peeling back the bittersweet layers in this slice of life romance.

Meredith Russo

MEREDITH RUSSO was born, raised, and lives in Tennessee. She started living as her true self in late 2013 and never looked back. If I Was Your Girl was partially inspired by her experiences as a trans woman. Like Amanda, Meredith is a gigantic nerd who spends a lot of her time obsessing over video games and Star Wars.

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Meredith Russo

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