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The Toltec Way

The Toltec Way

A Guide to Personal Transformation

The Essential Wisdom Library

Susan Gregg; foreword by don Miguel Ruiz

St. Martin's Essentials


Achieve personal freedom using Toltec wisdom

The gift of the Toltec is the ability to transcend ordinary human awareness and achieve personal freedom—the ability to choose how to act rather than react to the events in your life. The three Toltec Masteries of Awareness, Transformation, and Intent are the key to transcending your limitations and experiencing yourself as the creator of your life.

Designed to make Toltec wisdom accessible and simple, Susan Gregg's The Toltec Way is about change, transforming yourself, and the wildly empowering freedom of personal responsibility. Included in each chapter are exercises and guided visualizations, along with parable-like stories that are powerful sources of wisdom.

This new edition of The Toltec Way is part of the Essential Wisdom Library, a collection of books bringing sacred wisdom to modern readers. Refreshed with a new design and a new introduction by the author, along with a foreword by don Miguel Ruiz, this book will introduce a new generation of readers to the power of Toltec wisdom.


Since The Toltec Way was first released, I have studied with shamans, gurus, and teachers all over the world. Yet I always find myself coming back to the simple and powerful concepts of the Toltec Tradition.


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Susan Gregg; foreword by don Miguel Ruiz

DR. SUSAN GREGG has studied the Toltec oral traditions under Sister Sarita and don Miguel Ruiz, and is now a Toltec Master and Nagual. She has a doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy and is the author of Dance of Power: A Shamanic Journey and Finding the Sacred Self: A Shamanic Workbook. Since 1989 she has been living in Hawaii and working as a counselor in private practice.