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Finn Mac Cool

Finn Mac Cool

Celtic World of Morgan Llywelyn (Volume 3)

Llywelyn, Morgan

Forge Books


The international bestselling Celtic World historical fiction series from Morgan Llywelyn--“Impressively researched.” -Kirkus Reviews--with over 40 million copies in print!

Somewhere in the shadowy borderland between myth and history lies the territory of Finn Mac Cool. Mightiest of the Irish heroes, leader of the invincible army of Fianna, he was a man of many faces: warrior, poet, lover, creator, and destroyer. Finn Mac Cool is a man taken from one of the lowest classes of Irish society, driven by ambition and strength to rise above his birth and bring new respect and status to his people.

He had it all and lost it all, but in the end he gained immortality. Finn Mac Cool is a novel of sweeping historical grandeur and awesome adventure.


THE RED STAG BROKE COVER UNEXPECTEDLY. FINN AND his hounds were taken by surprise. The two dogs froze, waiting for his command. He had one glimpse into huge liquid eyes, pleading eyes; then the stag bounded away down the mountain, belling...

Praise for Finn Mac Cool

“In addition to being fast paced and full of action, this novel is witty in its descriptions of how Finn's legends were seeded . . . . This is vintage Llywelyn, full of color and poetry and the wonderful flavor of real Irish speech.” —Booklist

“Impressively researched.” —Kirkus Reviews

“She exhibits a mastery of complex, emotional themes . . . . Poignantly explores the duality between historical fact and fiction.” —Irish American Post


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Llywelyn, Morgan

MORGAN LLYWELYN is the New York Times bestselling author of Lion of Ireland, and an entire body of work chronicling the Celts and Ireland, from the earliest times to the present day. She has won numerous awards for her historical and mythological fiction, which have been translated into many languages. She lives near Dublin, Ireland.

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Morgan Llywelyn

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