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A Tree for Mr. Fish

A Tree for Mr. Fish

Peter Stein



In this humorous and heartwarming picture book, Mr. Fish refuses to share his tree with Bird and Cat—until he learns that making friends is more rewarding than losing them.

Bird and Cat meet in a tree. But someone already lives in this tree—Mr. Fish. And he does not want to share.

After Bird and Cat leave, Mr. Fish discovers that it’s actually pretty boring to sit in a tree all by yourself. Getting Bird and Cat back—along with Mr. Fish’s old friends from the sea—is going to require some real work. And Mr. Fish is already having a tough time, because fish aren’t supposed to be on land in the first place.

Author-illustrator Peter Stein has created a quirky, hilarious take on the challenges and rewards of friendship—and being a fish out of water—in this unforgettable picture book that feels like a rediscovered classic.

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Praise for A Tree for Mr. Fish

“This story about friendly cooperation, expressed through dialogue, soliloquy, and narrative, is a comical hoot; the simple, matter-of-fact, dryly witty text will arouse kids’ giggles throughout. The riotous cartoon illustrations ably drive the lively proceedings; Mr. Fish is especially expressive, a master of the absurd. Note the punny final page . . . Nothing fishy here: an adorable, laugh-out-loud winner.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review -

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Peter Stein

While Peter Stein is not a fish expert, he did once raise two goldfish geniuses that lived long, meaningful lives. Peter is the author of more than a dozen gift books and children’s books, including the popular Galore series with artist Bob Staake. A Tree for Mr. Fish is his second book as author-illustrator. Peter lives above water with his family in Northern California.

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Peter Stein