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Too Wrong to Be Right

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Author: Melonie Johnson

Too Wrong to Be Right

Too Wrong to Be Right


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A swoony, slow-burn rom-com, Melonie Johnson's Too Wrong to Be Right features a true romantic on a mission to find her happily ever after.

After her latest...

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A swoony, slow-burn rom-com, Melonie Johnson's Too Wrong to Be Right features a true romantic on a mission to find her happily ever after.

After her latest jerk of a boyfriend dumps her (and ditches her with his pet hedgehog), florist Kat Kowalski is done chasing after Mr. Wrong. With her two best friends moving on to more serious relationships, she’s ready to stop repeating the same mistakes that are leaving her stuck in the single lane. Armed with a list of qualities for her perfect Mr. Right, Kat swears off dating until she finds him.

Then in a meet-disaster involving a corpse and a salty cockatoo, she stumbles across Mick O’Sullivan at his family's funeral home. Their immediate chemistry warns Kat to keep things platonic; after all, following her heart never worked out in the past, and this time she’s determined to listen to her head. But can Kat and Mick be just friends? As she gets to know him better, the lines blur, and Kat starts to wonder if she’s gotten it wrong and Mick is exactly who she’s been looking for...

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"Friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes, and Too Wrong to Be Right is friends to lovers perfection! This slow burn romance had all the angst and tension and I was basically yelling at these characters to just kiss already! (And then they did and it was amazing!) A thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining read from beginning to end!" - Falon Ballard, author of Lease on Love and Just My Type

Praise for Too Good to be Real

"Too Good to Be Real is the stuff of rom-com fantasies come to life....The various scenarios Johnson devises are laugh-out-loud funny; her cast of characters is vibrant and engaging; and the book as a whole is the type of frothy escape readers long for." - Entertainment Weekly

"A setting that readers will undoubtedly wish to visit, a relatable hero and heroine, and a flock of feathered and furry sidekicks make this story memorable. It's sure to please fans of romantic comedies, whether of the in-print or on-screen variety." - Library Journal

"Has all the classic rom-com tropes that readers will rejoice over—an awkward yet kind of hilarious meet-cute, hidden identities, swoony kisses in the rain, and lots of puns that lead to happily ever after. ...Fierce, supportive female friendships and a good old-fashioned romance meet in Too Good To Be Real—a fun romp that’s perfect for summer!" - The Nerd Daily

"One of the best Rom-Coms of the year. This novel is smartly written, with enjoyable characters you root for, in a great setting. This book has it all and more. A perfect summer beach, pool or just staying cool read." - Red Carpet Crash

"A sizzling, laugh-out-loud saga." - Woman's World

"Melonie Johnson has written a charming, feel-good romp about all the reasons we love rom-coms! It’s the perfect combination of sweet, sexy, and make-you-grin moments." - Lyssa Kay Adams, author of The Bromance Book Club

"Charming and clever, Too Good to Be Real is an ode to everything we love about rom-coms." - Alexis Daria, author of You Had Me at Hola

"Too Good to Be Real gives you the sparks and tingles you get watching your favorite rom-com. Bursting with colorful side characters and a charming whirlwind romance, you'll finish the book with a smile on your face." - Denise Williams, author of How to Fail at Flirting

"A sweet, sexy, and slightly meta rom-com perfect for anyone who craves meet-cutes, serenades, long walks on the beach, and even a grand gesture or two. Too Good to Be Real is an Austenland-esque fantasy for romantic comedy obsessives!" - Kerry Winfrey, author of Waiting for Tom Hanks

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Too Wrong to Be Right

Too Wrong to Be Right