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Assassin's Silence

Assassin's Silence

A David Slaton Novel

David Slaton (Volume 2)

Ward Larsen

Forge Books


USA Today bestselling author Ward Larsen's celebrated protagonist, assassin David Slaton, returns for another breathless adventure in Assassin's Silence

Every so often, a great assassin novel comes along: Brad Meltzer's The Fifth Assassin, David Baldacci's The Hit, Daniel Silva's The Kill Artist. Now Ward Larsen brings us Assassin's Silence, featuring David Slaton, hero of Larsen's Assassin's Game and the award-winning The Perfect Assassin.

When it comes to disappearing, David Slaton has few equals. Police in three countries have written off trying to find him. His old employer, Mossad, keeps no forwarding address. Even his wife and son are convinced he is dead. So when an assault team strikes, Slaton is taken by surprise. He kills one man and manages to escape.

Half a world away, in the baleful heat of the Amazon, an obscure air cargo company purchases a derelict airliner. Teams of mechanics work feverishly to make the craft airworthy. On the first flight, the jet plunges toward the ocean.

The CIA assesses the two spectacles: a practiced killer leaving a trail of bodies across Europe, and a large airplane disappearing without a trace. The two affairs are increasingly seen to be intertwined. Langley realizes the killer is a man long thought to be dead, and the lost airliner has been highly modified into a tool of unimaginable terror.

When their worst fears are realized, Langley must trust the one man who can save them: David Slaton, the perfect assassin.


Twenty months later


Centered on the sun-soaked island of Malta, the ancient city of Mdina stands tall and brusque, a defiant island of brown whose vaulted bastions amplify the country’s...


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Praise for Assassin's Silence

"Larsen is not just a dazzling new talent; he’s a dazzling new superstar!” —Stephen Coonts, New York Times bestselling author of Saucer: Savage Planet

"Assassin's Game is a superbly written story, a classic thriller, where you know there are secrets and mysteries to be revealed, and you can't wait to find out." —Larry Bond, New York Times bestselling author of Lash-Up

"Mideast tensions, nuclear threats and doublecrosses laced with surprises makes this Larsen's very best in a series of page turners." —David Hagberg, New York Times bestselling author of Retribution, on Assassin's Game


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Ward Larsen

WARD LARSEN is a USA Today bestselling author and three-time winner of the Florida Book Award. His work has been nominated for both the Edgar and Macavity Awards. A former US Air Force fighter pilot, Larsen flew more than twenty missions in Operation Desert Storm. He has also served as a federal law enforcement officer and is a trained aircraft accident investigator. His first thriller, The Perfect Assassin, is currently being adapted into a major motion picture by Amber Entertainment.

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