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Blood on the Table

Blood on the Table

Gerry Spence

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Blood on the Table brings to life the same powerful emotions and riveting excitement that Gerry Spence evoked from juries when the blood was real.

Blood on the Table is a blend of darkness, sex, and violence, with characters who are far from perfect and often are their own worst enemies. Spence takes the reader to savage—back country Wyoming, where an eleven-year-old boy must take the witness stand against a vicious prosecutor, corrupt police, and a prejudiced judge, to keep his family safe.


Laramie, Wyoming, Winter, 1947

RINGO FELT SOMETHING hard poking him in the ribs. He couldn’t remember where he was. When he pulled his head out from under his bedroll, he was attacked by a blinding...

Praise for Blood on the Table

“Spence is one of America's last true originals, a man who thinks as brilliantly as he lives, who writes as compellingly as he talks, and who practices law as faithfully as most people practice religion.” —Dan Rather

Praise for Court of Lies:

“Stunning . . . filled with characters as smart and surprising as Spence himself, and brilliant plotting that twists and turns to an ending you’ll never see coming. I loved it!”
—Linda Fairstein

“Witty and fast-paced, this novel is filled with tension, suspense and sharply drawn characters. And the courtroom drama sizzles!” —William Martin

“A rollercoaster ride through a courtroom case by one of America’s foremost lawyers. Terrific book—can’t wait for the movie.” —David Black


Gerry Spence

GERRY SPENCE has been a trial attorney for more than five decades. He is the author of over a dozen books, including the New York Times bestseller How to Argue and Win Every Time, and is a nationally known TV commentator on the famous trials of our time. Spence served as legal consultant for NBC covering the O.J. Simpson trial and has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Larry King Live. He lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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