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The Whale Who Swam Through Time

A Two-Hundred-Year Journey in the Arctic

Author: written by Alex Boersma and Nick Pyenson; illustrated by Alex Boersma

The Whale Who Swam Through Time

The Whale Who Swam Through Time


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With informative text and gorgeous, accessible illustrations, Nick Pyenson and Alex Boersma introduce young readers to this incredible marine animal and explore the role humans have played in her changing ecosystem in the nonfiction picture book The Whale Who Swam Through Time.
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This sweeping nonfiction picture book The Whale Who Swam Through Time explores the 200-year lifespan of a bowhead whale and the changing environment that surrounds her.

Almost 200 years ago . . .

Our journey begins with the birth of a bowhead whale, the longest-living mammal in the world. Over the course of her life in the Arctic, the bowhead whale witnesses many changes: from an era of peace and solitude to one of oil rigs and cruise liners.

With gorgeous, detailed, and striking illustrations, this well researched and thoughtfully curated nonfiction story captures the magic and beauty of the natural world, while also providing a thoughtful account of how humans have impacted our changing ecosystems and a call-to-action for protecting the environment.

A 2023 OSTB Selected Title

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Roaring Brook Press



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"Narrative nonfiction at its best, helping readers understand the impact of global warming or even simply wildlife from a unique perspective." —School Library Journal

"An excellent nonfiction picture book about a unique and beautiful creature and the dangers climate change is bringing." —Booklist

"A fine introduction for whale aficionados and a clarion call for climate change awareness." —Kirkus

"[T]ouching and informative..." —Horn Book Magazine

[A] reverent fictional tale of a bowhead whale, spans two centuries, centering the world’s longest-living mammal while focusing attention on environmental changes that threaten it and other species."Publishers Weekly

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The Whale Who Swam Through Time

The Whale Who Swam Through Time