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Julie and the Mango Tree

Author: Sadé Smith; illustrated by Sayada Ramdial

Julie and the Mango Tree

Julie and the Mango Tree


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A little girl attempts to convince a reluctant tree to give her a mango on a hot summer day in this charming picture book from the author of Granny's Kitchen.
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Coupled with Sayada Ramdial’s bright and colorful artwork, Julie and the Mango Tree by Sadé Smith will have readers of all ages giggling—and craving a mango of their own!

Julie loves all kinds of fruit, but mangoes are her absolute favorite. One sticky summer afternoon, Julie goes to the big mango tree in her yard to ask for a snack.

But no matter how nicely she asks or how patient she tries to be, the tree just won’t drop a single sweet, juicy mango! Will Julie ever be able to convince the tree to let her have just a taste of her favorite treat?

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Praise for Julie and the Mango Tree:

"Smith’s story is sweet and infused with joy. Filled with energy and movement, Ramdial’s expressive, vibrant images pop with color ... A mouthwatering reminder that everything is tastier when it’s shared." —Kirkus Reviews

"Julie and the Mango Tree communicates the value of sharing with others and caring for your community. ... The story also portrays the value of patience, when Julie decides to wait until the tree is ready to drop her some fruit. This is a charming book that is sure to leave both kids and parents craving a juicy mango treat, while emphasizing that sharing really is caring." —Quill & Quire

Praise for Granny's Kitchen:

A 2023 Blue Spruce Award Nominee

"Daley transports readers to Smith’s clearly cherished Jamaica with joyous Photoshop illustrations that suit the setting wonderfully in a vibrant tropical palette with bold pops of turquoise and fuschia. This multigenerational homage to home cooking and heritage cuisine serves up a sweet message of confidence-building and can-do assurance." —Booklist

"Delivers the honesty, giggles, and punch ... Daley’s digital illustrations, in eye popping hues of juicy fruit and turquoise sea, convey the easy give-and-take of the close-knit pair, with snazzy-spectacled Granny patiently cheerleading her determined but frustrated granddaughter through some rough culinary challenges. Shelly-Ann’s four recipes are included for foodie families to try together, and a page of fun facts on Jamaica are a bonus for armchair travelers." —BCCB

"Warm and inviting. Daley’s vibrant, highly saturated illustrations bolster the appeal and are sure to entice young readers—and perhaps encourage them to try their own hand in the kitchen. ... A vibrant, upbeat story of a determined girl and her love of food." —Kirkus Reviews

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Julie and the Mango Tree

Julie and the Mango Tree