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The Lost

A Mace Reid K-9 Mystery

Mace Reid K-9 Mystery (Volume 3)

Author: Jeffrey B. Burton

The Lost

The Lost


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The Lost is the next mystery from author Jeffrey B. Burton starring an extraordinary cadaver dog and her handler.

Glencoe, Illinois: A home invasion...

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The Lost is the next mystery from author Jeffrey B. Burton starring an extraordinary cadaver dog and her handler.

Glencoe, Illinois: A home invasion turned kidnapping at the mansion of billionaire financier Kenneth J. Druckman brings Mason “Mace” Reid and his cadaver dog, Vira, to this wealthy northern suburb of Chicago. Druckman was assaulted, left behind while his wife and young daughter were taken for ransom.

Brought to the scene by the FBI, Reid specializes in human remains detection, and Vira is the star of his pack of cadaver dogs he’s dubbed The Finders. After Vira finds the dead body of the mother, former supermodel Calley Kurtz, everyone is on high alert to find Druckman’s missing daughter before the five-year-old disappears forever. But the trail Vira finds on the property’s dense woodlands leads right back to Druckman himself.

With the help of Detective Kippy Gimm, Reid and Vira must race against the clock. Nothing is as it appears to be . . . and the red herrings could be lethal.

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“Before you start [The Lost], set aside time to read cover to cover, have snacks on hand, and block out any distractions. The fast pace will carry you from page to page, anxious to see what happens next.” —KRL News & Reviews

"A brave K-9 . . . You just cannot go wrong with a golden retriever." —Pioneer Press

“This book has it all…the dogs, solid action and a story that keeps you engaged to the end.” —Red Carpet Crash

“Burton displays a too-rare knack for keeping the heat on while moving a complex story to its finale, all the while injecting welcome jolts of humor.”—Booklist

“Enjoyable . . . Will keep readers turning the pages . . . Dog lovers are in for a treat.” —Publishers Weekly

"An intricately plotted, fast-paced story. Tension is alleviated in Burton's suspenseful mystery by the dogs, who have well-developed characters, and by Mace's irreverent, wry humor. For fans of K-9 mysteries."—Library Journal

The Lost is an exciting, fast-paced thrill ride. I hated to see it end.” —Gumshoe Review

The Lost grabs you with both hands and keeps you turning the pages to the very end. Burton’s tremendous talent for storytelling is gripping, suspenseful, and spot on. And if you are a dog lover, this book is essential reading. I highly recommend it.” –Allen Eskens, Bestselling author of The Life We Bury and The Shadows We Hide

“A high-octane thriller that will keep you guessing until the electrifying ending. Exceptional character development and breakneck pacing. If you haven’t yet read a Mace Reid Mystery, what are you waiting for?” —Liv Constantine, bestselling author of The Last Mrs. Parrish

“Obviously, The Lost is a terrific crime novel for dog lovers, but what I specifically found fascinating is how Burton masterfully peels away the layers of the villains’ plot. This is a howdunnit of the highest quality, a page-turner that you won’t want to put down.” —Raymond Benson, author of Bond, The Black Stiletto, and Blues in the Dark

“Burton delivers a thriller that’s not only compelling but offers a good many chuckles along the way. The plot is wonderfully twisty and includes a couple of villains who are unique and oddly captivating. Add to the mix a pack of cadaver dogs that’ll charm your socks off, a wry narrative voice, and you’ve got the recipe for a deliciously delightful read. You’ll savor this one, I guarantee it.” —William Kent Krueger, New York Times bestselling author of This Tender Land

“Action, humor, and danger collide in THE LOST, the third installment in Jeffrey B. Burton’s Mace Reid K-9 mystery series. In a race to find a missing child, Mace and his pack face corrupt CEOs, the Russian mafia, and more bodies than anyone but Vira could handle. Burton brings each character to life—humans and animals—with wit and heart. A wild and satisfying adventure.” —Mindy Mejia, bestselling author of Everything You Want Me To Be and Strike Me Down

"Boy, this book has it all... Gatsby-like wealth, fraud, murder, kidnapping, ransom... a heart-stopping ending, and dogs. Lots of dogs. It shouldn't be so much fun to read about such things. But it really is." —Steve Thayer of The Weatherman

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The Lost

The Lost