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Benny's True Colors

Benny's True Colors

Norene Paulson; illustrated by Anne Passchier






On Sale: 11/17/2020

ISBN: 9781250815170

40 Pages, Ages 3-6

Discover the joy of being your true self in this uplifting and empowering picture book about Benny, who looks like a bat but knows that he really is a butterfly.

Benny may look like a bat, but Benny doesn’t like flying at night, or eating bugs, or hanging upside down. Benny does like sunshine and fluttering and colorful wings. On the inside, Benny knows he is a butterfly!

“I want my outside to match who I am inside!” With the help of some butterfly friends in the garden, Benny makes a happy change. And his friends and his Momma all love him just the same.

Writer Norene Paulson and illustrator Anne Passchier's Benny’s True Colors is a transformative story about knowing your true self, and the joy of letting the world know you, too.

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Praise for Benny's True Colors

“An incredibly powerful, compassionate book—a must read for anyone who wants to encourage kids to be true to themselves.”—Dr. Donna Cangelosi, Child Psychologist

“Passchier’s digital art style of bold shapes and colors with balanced compositions will appeal to a young readership who will delight in seeing Benny get his antennas and beautiful butterfly wings....Though this could be read just as a story of a bat wanting to be a butterfly, it’s also a gender-affirming conversation starter" –School Library Journal


Norene Paulson; illustrated by Anne Passchier

Norene Paulson loves words. As a former language arts teacher, she was fortunate to share that love with middle school students in a rural Iowa school district for twenty years. Now, as a picture book author, she continues to share her love of words with young readers and is excited to share her debut picture book Benny’s True Colors. Norene lives on a country acreage with her husband, and when she isn’t reading or writing, you will find her playing—you guessed it! —word games. Learn more about Norene online!

Anne Passchier is a non-binary illustrator from the Netherlands, currently working in the USA. Anne lives with their cats, loves to travel and draw, and enjoys all things spooky and Halloween.

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