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Smile, Sophia

Author: Skylaar Amann

Smile, Sophia

Smile, Sophia


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In this smart, relatable picture book, a serious dino-loving little girl just doesn't feel like smiling...and that's okay.
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In Smile, Sophia, a smart, relatable picture book by author/illustrator Skylaar Amann, a serious dino-loving little girl just doesn't feel like smiling...and that's okay.

Sophia loves finding fossils and digging up dinosaur bones. But she doesn’t love the way all the grownups just want her to smile. What does smiling have to do with the very serious business of being a scientist?!

She’ll smile when she has something to smile about!

In this picture book by Skylaar Amann, a young girl shows that being strong, and smart, and really good at what she does is more than enough—and if she smiles, it’s because she wants to!

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"The book gives full respect to Sophia’s refusal to perform an emotion.... Body language and facial expressions are skillfully deployed, with Sophia’s classmates and teachers’ loose energy contrasting with her arms-crossed awkwardness at school, while power poses and wide-eyed wonder easily convey the strength and joy she feels at the dig site." -- Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books (BCCB)

Boldly colored illustrations bring rich visuals to the story. Although the idea that children should be honest about their feelings is completely gender neutral, the adult topic of gender-based harassment, nodding to the “Stop Telling Women to Smile” movement, is handled with perfect age-appropriateness." -- School Library Journal

Sophia doesn’t feel the need to fake emotions for the benefit of others, and she delivers a self-assured clapback to the constant commands to put on a happy face... An empowering picture book about being true to yourself." -- Booklist Digital

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Smile, Sophia

Smile, Sophia