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A Dupatta Is . . .

Author: Marzieh Abbas; illustrated by Anu Chouhan

A Dupatta Is . . .

A Dupatta Is . . .



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A lyrical and charming picture book celebrating the dupatta, a traditional shawl worn in South Asian cultures.
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A Dupatta Is..., written by Marzieh Abbas and vividly brought to life by the artwork of Anu Chouhan, is a loving and lyrical ode to the dupatta.

A dupatta is so much more than a beautiful piece of fabric.

A dupatta is sound—swooshing and swashing like a superhero cape.

A dupatta is scent—cinnamon and cardamom, crushed coriander and peppermint oil.

A dupatta is fun—playing peekaboo and building cushion forts with dupatta canopies.

Dupattas—shawls traditionally worn by women in various cultures of South Asia—are beautiful and colorful of course, but they're also fun, functional, and carry the sounds and smells of family and identity.

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Praise for A Dupatta Is...:

"Abbas offers not just a story, but a poetic explanation of a traditional scarf worn by the people of Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. ... From color to function, beauty to identity, the dupatta’s significance is shown through vivid illustrations from ­Chouhan. ... This book exquisitely represents the legacy that is the dupatta through imagery and descriptive text for a beautiful lesson in culture." —School Library Journal

"Similar in form to Kevin Noble Maillard’s Fry Bread (2019), illustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal, this rhythmic description of a dupatta’s importance in a South Asian Muslim family is an affectionate homage. ... The book’s warm, well-chosen language depicts a joyful, accurate representation of a dupatta’s multigenerational importance in family life. ... A lyrical, multisensory celebration of a South Asian garment." —Kirkus Reviews

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A Dupatta Is . . .

A Dupatta Is . . .