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A Gift of Feathers

Author: Ken Schept; illustrated by Romina Galotta

A Gift of Feathers

A Gift of Feathers


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A story by Ken Schept with illustrations by Romina Galotta about the power of remembrance and intergenerational tradition, perfect for families of all backgrounds.
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A picture book by Ken Schept and illustrated by Romina Galotta about the power of remembrance and intergenerational tradition.

When she finds a feather, Grandma Dot adds it to her collection. Feathers, she tells her two granddaughters, remind Grandma Dot of people she’s lost. At first, the girls see the feathers as fun to play with. But soon, Grandma Dot’s feathers take on larger meanings – of comfort, remembrance, and love.

This affectionate, hopeful story will inspire readers of all ages to make memories and traditions part of their own family stories.

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"This spe­cial pic­ture book is filled with warmth and wis­dom. It may help chil­dren process their grief and teach them to make their own tra­di­tions dur­ing hard times. From the sweet and detailed illus­tra­tions of the two sis­ters and their grandmother’s feath­er col­lec­tion, to the author’s final note about his own expe­ri­ence with his mother’s death and a jar of feath­ers, read­ers will find great com­fort in this book dur­ing times of need."--Jewish Book Council

"Found feathers become a source of solace for two siblings following the death of their beloved grandmother in this remembrance-focused picture book. ...Time at Grandma Dot’s apartment meant viewing the vases of special feathers that she collected as an act of memorial—“Every time I find a feather, I think about my parents watching over me,” she says. When Grandma Dot dies, Talula recounts the family’s experience mourning and reveals the special way that she and Rhea remember their grandmother with feathers of their own. Galotta’s ink, watercolor, and colored pencil art balances playful scenes of Grandma Dot and her family with grayscale images that convey a thoughtful, somber tone." —Publishers Weekly

"Though the narrative presents Jewish ways of mourning, both Jewish and non-Jewish readers can relate to the central concept of honoring those we cherish through our memories." —Sydney Taylor Schmooze

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A Gift of Feathers

A Gift of Feathers