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The Revenge of Power

How Autocrats Are Reinventing Politics for the 21st Century

Author: Moises Naim; read by Larry Herron

The Revenge of Power

The Revenge of Power


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Moisés Naím’s The Revenge of Power is an urgent, thrilling, and original look at the future of democracy. It illuminates one of the most important battles of our time: the future...

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Moisés Naím’s The Revenge of Power is an urgent, thrilling, and original look at the future of democracy. It illuminates one of the most important battles of our time: the future of freedom and how to contain and defeat the autocrats mushrooming around the world.

In his New York Times bestselling book The End of Power, Moisés Naím examined power-diluting forces. In The Revenge of Power, Naím turns to the trends, conditions, and behaviors that are contributing to the concentration of power, and to the clash between those forces that weaken power and those that strengthen it. He concentrates on the three “P”s—populism, polarization, and post-truths. All of which are as old as time, but are combined by today’s autocrats to undermine democratic life in new and frightening ways. Power has not changed. But the way people go about gaining it and using it has been transformed.

The Revenge of Power connects the dots between global events and political tactics that, when taken together, show a profound and often stealthy transformation in power and politics worldwide. Using the best available data and insights taken from recent research in the social sciences, Naím reveals how, on close examination, the same set of strategies to consolidate power pop up again and again in places with vastly different political, economic, and social circumstances, and offers insights about what can be done to ensure that freedom and democracy prevail.

The outcomes of these battles for power will determine if our future will be more autocratic or more democratic. These outcomes will, in turn, depend on the capacity of our democracies to survive the attacks and dirty tricks of autocratic leaders bent on weakening the checks and balances that limit their power. Naím addresses the questions at the heart of the matter: What are, in practice, those attacks and tricks? Why is power concentrating in some places while in others it is fragmenting and degrading? And the big question: What is the future of freedom?

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"If you want to really understand the current global threat to democracy, you should read The Revenge of Power. Moises Naim has written a masterpiece." --David Rubenstein, Co-founder and Co-Executive Chairman of The Carlyle Group

"In The Revenge of Power Moises Naim, one of the most acute observers of world politics, comprehensively catalogs the threats to democracy on the part of unaccountable dictators, populists, and companies in recent years, drawing insightful parallels across disparate domains. An important and timely work." --Frank Fukuyama, Professor, Stanford University

"Another original book by an original thinker, offering a unique global perspective on populism and power." --Anne Applebaum, Pulitzer-prize winning historian and staff writer, The Atlantic

"The Revenge of Power reminds me of why I consider Moises Naim one of the world’s most exciting and original political thinkers. This absorbing book explores the often contradictory trends that are reshaping political power, and explains that our future depends on how they get resolved. Essential reading." -- Madeleine Albright, Former Secretary of State

"How did the ‘end of history’ turn into the renaissance of autocracy? Moises Naim brings his incisive analysis and global perspective to the most disturbing question of the 21st century, showing how populism, polarization and ‘post-truth’ politics have powered the rise of leaders from Berlusconi to Bolsonaro, Orban to Erdogan, Duterte to Donald Trump. Anyone who cares about the future of truth and democracy should read this book." --Alan Murray, CEO, FORTUNE Media

Praise for THE END OF POWER:

"The End of Power makes a truly important contribution, persuasively portraying a compelling dynamic of change cutting across multiple game-boards of the global power matrix." --Washington Post

"This fascinating book...should provoke a debate about how to govern the world when more and more people are in charge." --Foreign Affairs

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The Revenge of Power

The Revenge of Power


The Revenge of Power
The Revenge of Power