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The Worry Balloon

Author: Mónica Mancillas; illustrated by Betty C. Tang

The Worry Balloon

The Worry Balloon


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In The Worry Balloon, a thoughtful and reassuring picture book, Mónica Mancillas’s text and Betty C. Tang’s illustrations show how one child experiences anxiety and worry, providing different tools to practice mindfulness and strengthen one’s mental health.
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A thoughtful and reassuring picture book about how one child experiences anxiety, and what she can do to manage her worries.

On the first day of school, Isla’s mind plays the what if game. Scary thoughts come, the world goes dark, and everything feels stormy.

With Mami at her side, Isla takes a deep breath and blows her worries away in a big balloon. But as school gets closer, Isla’s worries come back like a tornado. Mami encourages her to imagine something happy, and Isla remembers there’s nothing she can’t handle.

The storm might come again, but for now, her mind is quiet.

The Worry Balloon includes a guide for kids to build their own worry tool bag, perfect for children and caregivers alike to use when faced with anxiety and change.

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"Anxious readers will recognize themselves in Isla’s struggle and perhaps learn a new way of approaching their fears. . . Sure to help kids conquer first-day-of-school fears." - Kirkus

"Realistically depicting thought spirals and intrusive worry, [The Worry Balloon] takes a sensitive, strategic approach." - Publishers Weekly

"This book creates mental health awareness, while opening the door for conversations to be held, in a gentle and validating manner." - Melissa Gonzalez, Latinx in Publishing

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The Worry Balloon

The Worry Balloon