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The Secret Bridesmaid

A Novel

Author: Katy Birchall

The Secret Bridesmaid

The Secret Bridesmaid

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A modern British romcom about a young woman charged with pulling off the biggest aristocratic wedding of the year by playing the part of a bridesmaid––and the misadventures that ensue.
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"A pure delight." ––BookPage (starred review)
"Charming, escapist fun." ––Katharine McGee, New York Times bestselling author of American Royals

Matrimony meets mayhem in Katy Birchall's The Secret Bridesmaid, a modern British romcom about a young woman charged with pulling off the biggest aristocratic wedding of the year––and the misadventures that ensue.

Sophie Breeze is a brilliant bridesmaid. So brilliant, in fact, that she’s made it her full-time job.

As a professional bridesmaid, Sophie is hired by London brides to be their right-hand woman, posing as a friend as she plans the perfect wedding and ensures the big day goes off without a hitch. When she’s hired by Lady Victoria Swann for the society wedding of the year, Sophie is thrilled. But unfortunately, the bride, Cordelia, is a diva determined to make Sophie’s life a nightmare. And Cordelia’s posh, handsome older brother is a definite distraction. But when a rival society wedding is announced for the very same day, things start to get…well, complicated.

Can Sophie pull off the biggest challenge of her career, all while keeping her true identity a secret, and her dignity intact?

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Praise for The Secret Bridesmaid:

One of "50 Most Anticipated Romance Novels of 2021 to Renew Your Faith in Love" ––Oprah Daily

"... a unique, hilarious spin on wedding mayhem... Birchall pays just as much attention to the complex nuances of female friendship as to the healing power of love, resulting in an entertaining romp. This is sure to please."
––Publishers Weekly

"A pure delight."
––BookPage (starred review)

"With a delightfully plucky heroine and laugh-out-loud hijinks, The Secret Bridesmaid gives the wedding rom-com a much-needed update: focusing on the friendships between women as much as the romance. Charming, escapist fun."
––Katharine McGee, New York Times bestselling author of American Royals

"This laugh-out-loud funny rom-com provides the cheery escapism we all need these days. Sophie Breeze’s entertaining escapades read like 'The Wedding Planner' updated for the 2020s. The satisfying plot twists had me rooting for a cast of characters (some endearing, some delightfully prickly) that suddenly felt like friends. Charming, hopeful, and swoon-worthy enough to sweep even the most level-headed reader off their feet."
––Hannah Orenstein, author of Head Over Heels

"Hilarious and heartwarming––the perfect wedding season read."
––Heidi Swain, Sunday Times bestselling author

"I devoured The Secret Bridesmaid––it's as heady as champagne and as romantic as any wedding vow. One of the funniest books I have ever read. An absolute treat."
––Katie Marsh, author of The Rest of Me

"The Secret Bridesmaid is a fun, fresh romantic comedy that perfectly depicts all the delights and dramas of wedding season. A vivid and heartwarming reminder of the joys of celebration, friendship and togetherness - the perfect read for this summer."
––Holly Miller, author of The Sight of You

"Just like a glass of champagne, a bright, sparkling treat of a book. Funny, uplifting and bursting with heart, The Secret Bridesmaid is classic romcom escapism."
––Lindsey Kelk, internationally bestselling author

"This book filled my heart with joy––I never wanted it to end. I will be recommending it far and wide!"
––Paige Toon, internationally bestselling author

Praise for Katy Birchall:

"Brilliant...a great and engaging plot, and relatable characters." ––The Guardian

"Delightfully absurd moments, dry observations, and big heart keep the story fresh and entertaining." ––Publishers Weekly

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The Secret Bridesmaid

The Secret Bridesmaid