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The Secret of The Secret

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Runaway Bestseller

Author: Karen Kelly; read by Kathleen McInerney

The Secret of The Secret

The Secret of The Secret


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Uncover the magic behind the magic that made the astonishing bestseller The Secret into a national phenomenon

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The Secret has taken the book world by storm, giving people the power to live happier, more prosperous lives through the law of attraction.

In the same vein as Breaking the Da Vinci Code, The Secret of "The Secret" takes an independent look at the people and the ideas behind the bestseller and examines what made The Secret so successful.

Some of the revelations include:

· The Birth of the Secret: the story behind the creation of the book and the film
· Culture of Hope: what draws our culture to seek answers and change our destiny using the power of the mind and the universe
· The Ideas Behind the Secret: how do history, science, and religion play major roles as underpinnings of The Secret?
· The People Behind the Secret: From Beethoven and Shakespeare to Thomas Edison and Andrew Carnegie, their quotes pepper The Secret—who are these people and did they really use The Secret?

Finally, the answers to the burning questions behind one of the biggest success stories of our time have arrived.

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"Kelly's book will appeal to those who have a healthy dose of skepticism about each new guru's plan to obtain fame and fortune..." - Library Journal

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The Secret of The Secret

The Secret of The Secret


The Secret of The Secret
The Secret of The Secret