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Suicide of a Superpower

Suicide of a Superpower

Will America Survive to 2025?

Patrick J. Buchanan, read by the author

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On Sale: 10/18/2011

ISBN: 9781427210364


Pat Buchanan's latest polemic—and his first since Obama's election—exposes the risks America faces today and what those dangers will mean for the country's future

Since Obama took office, conservative pundits have been mainstays on the bestseller list. And now, the bestselling author and political legend Pat Buchanan weighs in with a warning against not only the dangers that the country faces under Obama, but the risk of sliding into irrelevancy that the Republican party faces if it chooses to forget its core values.

As he shows in Suicide of a Superpower, liberal policy-making and unhindered globalization have eroded America's economic strength. Changing demographics and declining faith portend a future in which the Republican Party and Christianity will become irrelevant. If things continue unchanged, Buchanan warns, in a few short decades our country will be unrecognizable.

But, there are alternatives. And Buchanan finds signs of hope for conservatives and outlines plans for a very different future that the newly ascendant Republicans and Tea Partiers can use in Congress and nationwide.

A major force in conservative opinion and a longtime political commentator, Buchanan's strident and impassioned argument against the direction in which America is heading will find an eager audience in today's high-pressure political climate.


America is in unprecedented decline.1—ROBERT PAPE, 2008
The National Interest

The United States is declining as a nation and a world power, with mostly sighs and...

Praise for Suicide of a Superpower

“The atmosphere in this recording is, as you may expect, dark, grim, apocalyptic.” —Alternative Right

In the Press

Read the Kirkus Review of SUICIDE OF A SUPERPOWER Will America Survive to 2025?. Buchanan (<em>Churchill, Hitler, and "The Unnecessary War": How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World<em>, 2009, etc.) mourns the passing of the America of his youth. - Kirkus Reviews

In this riveting take on America%E2%80%99s downfall, Buchanan%E2%80%99s (The Death of the West) candid narrative explains how liberal social trends promoting equality will ultimately destroy the count - Publishers Weekly

Patrick J. Buchanan, read by the author

PATRICK J. BUCHANAN, America's leading populist conservative, was senior advisor to three American presidents, ran for the Republican nomination in 1992 and 1996, and was the Reform Party's presidential candidate in 2000. The author of eight other books, Buchanan is a syndicated columnist and founding member of three of America's foremost public affairs shows, NBC's TheMcLaughlin Group, and CNN's The Capitol Gang and Crossfire. He lives in McLean, Virginia.

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Patrick J. Buchanan

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