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The Evil That Men Do

The Evil That Men Do

Robert Gleason; read by Stephen Graybill

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Macmillan Audio

On Sale: 05/08/2018

ISBN: 9781427298805


Robert Gleason brings his A-game to The Evil That Men Do, a terrorism thriller audiobook steeped with equal parts terror and wit.

Income inequality and the offshore hoarding of illicit black funds have reached such extremes that the earth’s democracies are in peril. The oligarchs are taking over. The People worldwide, however, are rising up, and they demand that the UN seize and redistribute all that illegal filthy lucre. But it will not be easy. The world’s oligarchs will not go gentle.

Mikhail Putilov, Russia’s strongman; J. T. Tower, the American president, and Wahid al-Waheed, the Saudi Ambassador to the US will do anything to stop and destroy this global expropriation moment—even if it means nuking the UN. Only three people can stop them: the crusading, muckraking, investigative journalist, Jules Meredith; ex-CIA agent, Elena Moreno; and her boyfriend, the ex-Special Forces Operative turned cybersecurity billionaire, John C. Jameson. If these three fail, democracies around the world will die; and the Age of the Great Global Oligarchs will begin.

If these the three friends fail, the nuclear fireballs will blaze, the UN will burn, and a New Dark Ages will ensue. People everywhere must hold their breath and wait.


“The show must go on

—Jules Meredith

Jules Meredith stood next to Danny McMahon in the wings of the 44th Street Theater. They were about to record his weekly TV talk show, in which...

Praise for The Evil That Men Do

"A fierce, bitter, political satire that's also a blood curdling thriller, written with a kind of headlong verbal velocity that makes it impossible to put down.” —William Martin, New York Times bestselling author of The Lincoln Letter

"A pulse-pounding, heart-stopping rollercoaster of a ride.” —Ward Larsen, USA Today bestselling author of Assassin's Silence

Robert Gleason; read by Stephen Graybill

ROBERT GLEASON is a highly regarded expert on nuclear terrorism. He's spoken on the topic at Harvard four times, and on the Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs TV shows, and also starred in a two-hour History Channel special largely devoted to the subject. He has discussed it on George Noory's Coast to Coast AM, NPR, and many other shows. Gleason is the author of And Into the Fire, The Nuclear Terrorist, and End of Days. He lives in New York City.

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