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Lights Out!

Lights Out!

Ten Myths About (and Real Solutions to) America's Energy Crisis

Spencer Abraham with William Tucker

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In this timely book, former Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham debunks the myths that warp our current debate over energy, and offers new solutions to the real problems we face in America.

Drawing on the very latest thinking from experts in industry and academia, and his own experiences running America's Energy Department, he proposes a fresh approach to meeting our daunting energy threats. This book effectively answers how America and the world can overcome the challenges of rising global energy demand, geopolitical disruptions of the energy marketplace, and the environmental impact of producing and using energy. What emerges is a pragmatic energy strategy that calls for blending a variety of energy sources including nuclear, clean coal, solar, wind, and natural gas with a more determined effort at improving energy efficiency through the deployment of smart energy grids and buildings, to help meet our challenges while preserving our economy and environment.

Coming in the midst of a national debate about global warming, energy dependence and rising energy prices and rich with anecdotes from the author's service in the Senate and cabinet, this book is a clarion call that will help shape our energy future.


Ten Myths About Energy

1. We Can Achieve Energy Independence.
2. If Gas Prices Rise Abruptly, It Must Be Due to an Oil Company Conspiracy.
3. Global Warming Is a Complete Hoax.
4. Nuclear Plants Are Just as Unsafe...


Praise for Lights Out!

“A highly readable primer on many of the Nation's energy problems. Spence Abraham, a former Secretary of Energy and U.S. Senator, has a good time cutting the many widespread myths about energy down to size – and making his readers face the hard realities about energy. To these he appends his own recommended solutions. Abraham is particularly delightful in skewering political illusions, perhaps most notably, that out there at the end of the rainbow is that perennial promise of U.S. Energy Independence.” —James Schlesinger, Former Secretary of Energy and Former Secretary of Defense

“Spencer Abraham pulls no punches as he takes on both the myths and the realities of our comprehensive energy enterprise. This is a straight-talking "must-read" for anyone who wants to understand the enormous complexities and tough choices that face our society as we face the energy crisis that touches our daily lives, effects our environment and gets to the heart of our national security.” —Vice Admiral Richard H. Truly, U.S. Navy, (Ret.), former astronaut, NASA Administrator and Director, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Lights Out! discusses the myths and facts of the global energy challenge while proposing clear-minded, practical solutions. Most enlightening and frustrating are the contradictions of establishing the appropriate long-term energy strategy within the short-term constraints of politics. Mr.. Abraham is in a unique place to tell this story, and he doesn't disappoint. The book is an interesting mix of folksy story-telling, technical analysis, and political intrigue.” —Jacques Nasser, Chairman, BHP Billiton, Former CEO, Ford Motor Company

“A very insightful and comprehensive assessment of the energy challenges facing our country with thoughtful roadmaps for the future by someone who understands first hand the technical as well as the political challenges to implement policies and solutions. Excellent read , with a good sense of humor , for the interested general public.” —Dr. Charles Elachi, Director, Jet Propulsion Lab, Cal Tech

“Secretary Abraham shines the ‘light on' practical common-sense solutions for America's energy needs. His book is an important history and timely contribution to the seemingly endless national debate. Read this and act or it will truly be LIGHTS OUT.” —John Engler, former Governor of Michigan, President and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers

“Lending his powerful voice to the importance of energy efficiency, former Senator and Energy Secretary Abraham creates a compelling case for green building – the fastest and cheapest path to reducing emissions, conserving energy and water, saving people money and creating jobs.” —Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO & Founding Chairman, U.S. Green Building Council

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About the author

Spencer Abraham with William Tucker

Spencer Abraham was America's 10th and longest serving Secretary of Energy. He was previously a U.S. Senator (R-Mich). He is now the Chairman and CEO of The Abraham Group, an international business/strategic consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. His clients include a number of businesses in the energy sector and he serves on the Boards of several energy and non energy firms.

Spencer Abraham

Spencer Abraham

William Tucker

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